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Introducing the Entertainmount

The universal smartphone mounting system

In a car...

On a plane...

On a train...

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Where will you mount it?

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Kid Tested!

No matter where you choose to mount it, we're sure you'll love your Entertainmount!



See video instructions for a few of the many ways the Entertainmount can be used.


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The Entertainmount provides a universal and versatile solution for mounting a smartphone when you're on the go. Its innovative and compact design allows the Entertainmount to quickly and sturdily hold any electronic device up to 7 inches in width.

Turn the back seat of your car into a movie theater!

The Entertainmount can be used between two headrests in a car for back seat viewing. It goes up in less than a minute and can be put away just as quickly. It easily stores in a glove compartment or behind your front seat. When centrally mounted, the Entertainmount allows your device to rotate 180 degrees so that the passenger in the front seat can change the program for the viewers in the back. It then latches into place with a magnetic fastening system.

Additionally, the Entertainmount will mount to a single headrest, to a sunroof, to a visor while you talk hands free, to a shopping cart, to a bike for GPS, to a boat, to a golf cart and so much more. Don't forget the Entertainmount when you travel. With its slim and sturdy design, take it with you and mount it to an airplane or train tray table to watch a movie. Then easily mount it in any car you rent when you get there.

The Entertainmount. Where will you mount it?