Why is the Entertainmount Designed for Smartphones?

Why is the Entertainmount designed for  smartphones?

The Entertainmount, ever since its initial conception, was envisioned to work with smartphones. There are a few reasons for this, but the main reason is personal experience.

My family was on a road trip to Florida when we got stuck in terrible traffic behind an accident. We sat there, not moving, for hours. My daughter at the time was five. My son was three. Anyone out there with kids knows hours in the car not moving and very small children are an unsavory combination. The kids were great at first, but then the restlessness began to set in.

“When are we getting out of the car?”

Then the screaming. Then the tears.

It was at this time I began desperately searching the car for something to help the kids pass the time. I remembered my phone. I didn’t think of the tablets we own because we simply hadn’t brought one along. We rarely do. Further, even if we had, we don’t have a data plan for any of the tablets and didn’t have any movies loaded on them. This was an emergency. The natives were getting restless and only Netflix or YouTube would satisfy them.

OK, I thought, I’ll show them a movie. Brilliant! But how do I place the phone where both kids can watch at the same time? My car is equipped with a sunglasses holder at the top of the windshield. Let me wedge the phone into that. I placed the phone in the sunglasses holder. The traffic started moving a bit and I accelerated. My phone dropped from the holder and banged against my gear shift.

Aye aye aye!!!

Fortunately, my phone didn’t break. We were stopped again. I need to wedge it in there tighter, I thought. I grabbed a handful of napkins and wrapped them under the phone. I then placed it in the sunglasses holder again. It fit and it held. The kids’ cries transformed into laughter as Mickey Mouse chased a hotdog through Central Park.

As the kids enjoyed their cartoons, my mind was focused on a better way to entertain kids in the back of the car. Not long after, I pitched the concept to my friend Jonathan Higgins. We then teamed up to create a device that is useful, convenient, versatile, and affordable. The Entertainmount was born. We’re thrilled to now be able to share it with you.

Scott Hanger

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